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Beth's Birth Story

Beth,18, Derby, United Kingdom

First child, Vegan pregnancy

I went into labour unknowingly at 2 pm whilst working on the 27th of February. I had absolutely no idea what contractions would feel like, I was only 34 weeks pregnant and felt a little uncomfortable. I'm a carer and had just an hour left on my call so I finished working and went home. The next day was supposed to be my last day working so I called in sick thinking I had worked too much and needed to rest.

I had a bath with epsom salts, ate and tried to sleep but couldn't. At 9 pm I decided to get checked over at the hospital as my little one wasn't moving very much and had always been very active. I got sent home at 1am on the 28th after a very moody midwife told me I wasn't in labour. She told me it was braxton hicks contractions and that I wouldn't be in labour so early (despite me telling her otherwise) and told me to go home.

I went home and managed my contractions. Although I was tired and couldn't rest, I felt so powerful. I felt that I was made for this. It all felt very natural and right. I wasn't the slightest bit nervous. Even though I knew my baby was coming early, I trusted in my body and my baby - we know how to birth!

I had chosen to give birth at the birth centre instead of the labour ward at my local hospital. So at 5 am my mum took me to the hospital. I was examined (by the same midwife who told me I wasnt in labour!) and had to sneak in an "I told you so" when she said I was 5cm dilated.

I walked to our birthing room, my partner arrived, and I laboured until 3 pm, completely drug free.

I felt incredible.

I squatted over the toilet to help my Sun through the birth canal, and hummed my way through incredible surges. I kept the room dimly lit to help get oxytocin flowing and chose to walk around when I wasn't experiencing contractions. Despite being exhausted after a long day of work and no sleep, I have truly never felt so feminine, powerful, and in control. Through transition I didn't speak. I felt very inwards and reflective.

It was an amazing experience! I cannot wait to go through it all again!

I pushed for almost four hours. I began in the squatting position, so gravity could help us along, but was too tired to continue.

A doctor and another midwife came in and used the term "failure to progress", which I knew meant I wasn't birthing fast enough for them. I knew my Sun would arrive when he and I were truly ready and am so proud I stood my ground and told them I would continue to push. I eventually chose to lay on my back. I pushed until 6:48 pm. I have felt nothing as incredible as bringing my baby into the world through me.

I was told my baby most likely wouldnt cry - My perfect, vegan, boy came roaring his way into the world and weighed an incredible 6 lbs at 34 weeks gestation.


February 28, 2018

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