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Ayaa’s Birth Story

Ayaa, 33, Chicago

First child, Vegan pregnancy

Sunday, March 12, 2017 It happened just as I imagined it to...

Contractions started while laying down in the bed...I called Baba upstairs, "This is it!"! We called Momma Sona, our Midwife, to let her know the anticipated moment had arrived. Soon after, Baba starts setting up the birthing pool and preparing the room. Momma Sona arrives first with love and grace...not too long after Momma Dr. J. Labor pains are growing strong and being in the water is the only thing I wanted to do. Water comforts so unconditionally. Full Moon, essential oils, massages, and the soothing Auset’s Devotion Chant playing on repeat in the speakers. Hours are passing and no urge to push has come and my dialating has slowed down. Momma Dr. J discovers that my birthing canal is blocked by a lip formed in my amniotic sac. I'm exhausted, but staying present. With her manual help while I pushed during the next few contractions, the lip was removed and the passageway was cleared. We're 27 hours in, the thickest most gentle snow has begun to fall outside. I began to get the urge to push, but needed help holding my legs up. Thinking the whole time - I couldn't imagine doing this without being in the water and most certainly never thought of resorting to drugs or pain killers or going to a"hospital". The first few set of pushes were warming me up for the last. One more push Momma says...then she shouts “Oh, she's crowning! I see her head, the ring of fire! Keep pushing...just keep pushing!".

I felt her head emerge and one big deep breath and all I had left…PUSH!

Here comes her head and shoulders...just one more push...and she just floated out like the fish she is! Eyes wide open and at peace! Momma Sona lays her on my chest and baby girl and I lock eyes.

Time stopped. I was so done I couldn't even hold her up without help. Queen Warrior Goddess Momma. As Yemayá begins to nurse for the first time, latched on like a pro btw, we wait for her placenta to stop pulsing. About 50 minutes later the cord was cut and our placenta was sealed up for preservation to give back to Momma Earth at a later date.

Yemeya Iyaami Aje

Yemeyá March 13, 2017

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