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Couples Consultations

Balance is the key to everything.

Dietary balance.

Emotional balance.

Relationship balance.

When a Woman and a Man come together it is to create something bigger than themselves. In order to achieve this they must both be on a journey to becoming their Highest Self and they must understand and respect the Power they each hold both individually and collectively.

Whether you're seeking guidance on pre-conception detoxification, how to raise a healthy child, gender balance within the home, or just have questions on how to navigate a holistic lifestyle as a couple, we're here to help direct you!


We also specialize in nutrition as it pertains to the Melanated person. Our current medical system is built in a European model and it does not take into consideration our proven different nutritonal needs based on our DNA.  


Allow my husband and I to help you create balance in your relationship to Grow in health of the body, mind, and spirit by booking your couples consultation now!  

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