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Laceinne's Story

and why The Pink Coconut?

     I grew up eating a Standard American Diet of sodas, chips, frozen foods, lots of cheese, and overall processed junk foods. I actually stopped eating meat at age 12, but not for any other reason than I just didn't like it.


     I also grew up sick with irregular menstrual cycles, oily and acne prone skin, fluctuating weight, brittle hair and nails, and constant lethargy. Of course, at the time, it was completely normal and I didn't link food and health together.


In 2012 I began to take my first steps towards a healthier plant based lifestyle, though at the time I was unaware that it would heal my various issues and provide me health and longevity!

     By 2013, I was aware of the effects that chemicals had on my body and I was making my own cosmetics or buying the most natural products I could find.      

     6 years later and I have transformed from an uninformed sickly consumer to a Wife and Mother who trusts in the power of plants and the miracle of Nature!

     The Pink Coconut is my oath to true food. It is my stance against disease and my pledge to accept the veracity of Nature.

     From coconuts we can make coconut milk, coconut water, grated coconut, coconut sugar, coconut oil, and even coconut fiber to make shoes or mats! 


     Coconuts are just one of the various examples to prove that Nature has all we need. 

    If only we would live in Alignment, we would prosper the way we are meant to and truly become our Highest Self.

This is Laceinne and The Pink Coconut.

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